Narendra Modi’s coming few years : an astro view

Destiny has a vital role in human life and to validate this, Narendra Modi seems becoming the best referable instance in coming 3 years being a part of two quite different phases which yet to be witnessed. 
On the one hand, up to June, 2015 (being one of the most favourable period) leads him towards a life of thriving achievements and enabling him to reach into pinnacle of his political carrier whereas on the other hand, from December 2015 to July 2017 seems bringing him amidst acute troublesome circumstances making him realize the given period as one of the worst part of his life. 
The quick alteration of the phases within such a short duration makes us contemplate the impact of planets on human life and it’s advisable that advantage of this information should be taken into positive note and should be utilized while / before chalking out any strategy by the persons who closely getting affected with this prediction. 
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Vidya Sagar Mahtha
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[Note: The prediction is posted taking basis the birth details of Mr. Narendra Modi – 17th September, 1950, 11am, Mehsana (Gujrat)]


Indian Cricket Team in 2014: An Astrological Preview

Indian Cricket Team in 2014: An Astrological Preview

The year 2014, could be divided into 4 segments in term of performance and consequences from the Indian cricket team:

1.) From January to March (1st week): The period indicates a challenging time span for the Indian cricket team, not able to perform up to the mark leads to a result which is not convincing.

2.) From March (2nd half) to May: An apparent improvement in the performance but another liability during this period is to need organizing the team again and again.

3.) From July to October: A period of certain and easy success. 

4.) From November (2nd half) to December: A challenging period, as same as, the above mentioned in the 1st point. 

This prediction is based on the horoscope of the Captain of Indian Cricket Team – Mahendra Singh Dhoni (7th July, 1981, 11:15am) 

Note: In February (1st half), heavy rainfall followed by cyclone could affect climate of various countries. It is yet to be seen, if any cricket match is affected, which team becomes the victim. 

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Vidya Sagar Mahtha

About Arvind kejriwal , chief minister , Delhi

The below are some of the significant dates (of current and coming month), meant for Arvind Kejriwal.. Let’s have a look for the practical concurrence of the same.

1.) 24th and 25th January : There is an advent of political complication which needs over concentration to resolve the same.
2.) 26th January to 31st January : On account of adverse physical state, shall have to go for rest / medical supervision.
3.) 2nd, 3rd and 4th February : These dates denote a circumstance of political confrontation, and again an over concentration to mitigate the same.

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Vidya Sagar Mahtha


The month of May is considered to be one of the hottest months of the year but because of some peculiar combination of planets,it is globally predicted that between 7th May to 15th May2008, various natural changes like low pressure, fall in temperature, typhoons, whirlwinds, earthquake and scattered rainfalls will be perceived.


The controversy whether astrology is a science or not, can not ever be ascertained through debate. If a particular event is vividly adjoined with a certain planetary phenomenon referring integrated relationship among action, reason and outcome then only can it be considered a science otherwise a hypothesis or riddle . Till now an astrologer’s reply was considered insufficient for the satisfaction of the intellectuals, so astrology had not yet become directive science for social welfare, but I see this changing in the future.

                          Mr. Vidya Sagar Mahtha has been giving time bound predictions on and off to prove astrology a science. This article too is a sequence of predictions. On 6th FEB 2004, when parliament was dissolved, he had predicted that Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was not going to come back to power because of motion of a particular planet indicating adverse circumstances for him. It was the same planet , which returns every 8 years, that forbade him in MAY 1996 from ascending the throne . Besides he had also predicted that in Nov 1st week 2005 and Mar last week 2006, political upheavals will be creating political crisis for central Govt. along with some state Govts. In Nov 1st week 2005, Volkar Commissions report remained a menace for the UPA Govt. Whereas in last week of Mar 2006 the controversial issue of ‘office of profit’ finally ended with the resignation of Congress chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. In this way He had prophesied political upheaval leading to difficulties for Central as some of the State Governments from 3rd June to 15th June. He had also forecast natural, constitutional, communal and economic problems in the above mentioned period. Following this, the Central Government was troubled for not being able to find unanimous consent on any Presidential candidate, while on the natural front, heat was breaking records all over. Punjab & Rajasthan were worried due to the Dera Sachha Sauda and the Gujjar problem respectively.                          In fact, planetary movement at a particular period remains unusual and when it is adjoined with any probable event, it becomes astrological prediction. On account of his next forecast it is notifying that due to unusual astrological situation between 21st October and 11th November 2007, any national or provincial sensitive political issue will suddenly rise and it will be in its conclusive stage up to 11th November. In the above mentioned period, terrorist activities, natural calamities or alike events will affect global political scenario. 

Weak Moon And Orphans

The moon is the nearest grah to the earth and it affects the period of one’s childhood most. Native having strong moon in their horoscope spend their life up to the 12th year from birth in happiness. Contrarily, Natives with a weak moon in their horoscope spend their first twelve years of their life in a miserable way. The strength of the moon is evaluated on the basis of its distance from the son. When the moon is situated at the distance of 0 degree from the sun, its strength is cipher. It is in its weakest position. When the moon is at the distance of 90 degree from the sun, the strength is normal. The strength of moon is greatest, when it is 180 degree from the sun.        Though natives may suffer from misery relating to parents due to the special situation of the lord of 4th and 10th houses, the only planet, which creates troublesome conditions relating to parent in childhood, is the moon. When the moon is weak in the horoscope of a native, it gives some trouble in childhood. If the moon is lord of fourth house , a native find himself in a miserable condition related to mother and if moon is the lord of tenth house , he feels so in relation to father in childhood.           Cart 1 (Hyder Ali,Rasi: Libra-Asc.,Scorpio-Sun, Sat, Jup., Mer., Moon and Mars and Capricorn-Venus) has a weak moon in the second house. The moon is the lord of the tenth house called the house of father. That is why he lost his father in his childhood.Chart 2 (09-01-1945. Rasi: Aries-Asc ,Gemini-sat, Virgo-jup, Scorpio-moon, Saggitarius-Mer, Mars and Sat and Aquarius- Venus) is the case of a person who lost his mother , when he was 6 year old . In his horoscope, the fourth lord (mother), being weak, is in the 8th house.            If the weak moon is in the fourth or in the tenth houses , it presents a difficult situation before the native relating to their mother and father respectively in their  childhood.Chart 3 (06-09-1956 , Rasi: Saggi-Asc, Aquarius-Mars, Cancer-Venus, Leo-Sun and Jupiter, Virgo-Mercury, Scorpio-Sat) is the case of a native , who lost his father in his childhood. The moon , the lord of 8th house , being weak is in virgo rasi.            If the weak moon is with the lord of the house of mother or father , such children suffer from lack of happiness concerning mother and father. In Chart 4(Rasi: aquarius-asc., Taurus-Jup,Virgo-Mars, sag-Sat and Mer, Capri-Moon, Ven and Sun) Venus , the lord of the house of mother , is with weak moon. He had to suffer sorrow due to the death of his mother in his childhood. Chart 5(Rasi: Libra-Asc., Moon and Mer, Scor-Sun, Taurus-Jup., Cancer-Mar) is of Maharani LuxmiBai of Jhansi. Saturn, the lord of the house of mother, is in the ascendant with weak moon. So her mother died in her childhood.Chart 6(Rasi: Leo-Asc., Moon, Sun, Jup, Mer and Ven, Virgo-Mars Gemini-Sat) is the late Prime Minister of India, Rajeev Gandhi. Venus, the lord of the house of father, is with the weak moon. That is why; he was deprived of his father in his childhood.         If the 4th lord and 10th lord are in any house near the weak moon, then also the child is deprived of the pleasure of father and mother.         Chart 7 (Rasi: Lira-Asc. And Moon, Aquarius-Jup., Cancer-Mar, Leo-Sun, Mer and Ven, Virgo-Sat.) is of Goswami Tulsidas. The moon is in libra rasi. Saturn, fourth lord is in Virgo being the nearest planet from the moon. So Goswami Tulsidas lost his mother in his childhood.           In Chart 8(Rasi: Pisces-Asc., Gemini-Mars, Cancer-Mer. And Sat., Leo-Ven and Sun, Virgo-Moon), the moon, being weak is in Virgo rasi and Jupiter, the lord of tenth, is in the 8th with Libra rasi, being the planet nearest to the moon. That is why He lost his father at the age of 10.          Further more, if weak moon is in the 12th house and is related to the fourth or tenth lord indicating father or mother, then such natives are subjected to misery relating to mother or father.            Chart 9(Rasi: Cancer-Asc., sagi-Sat, Aquarius-Jup., Pisces-Mars, Aries-Sun, Mer and Ven, Gemini-Moon) is of Adi Shankaracharya the moon being weak is in the 12th house. Mars, the lord of 10th house is aspecting the moon. Hence, he was deprived of his father at a very young age.            Chart 10 (09-07-1986, Rasi: Leo-Asc. And Ven, Scor.-Sat, Sagi-Mars, Pisces-Jup., Gemini-Sun, Cancer-Mer and Moon) is of a child, whose parents are living separately because of divorce. The child was with the father, deprived of his mother. The moon, being weak is situated in the 12th house. Mars aspects the moon.           Sometimes in spite of having a strong moon, a native has to face difficulty concerning its father or mother in his childhood. When any planet being weak is in cancer rasi, it gives a tendency to lose the relation coming under the relationship of this planet.       In Chart 11(25-02-1932, Rasi: Sagittarius-Asc., Capri.-Sat., Aquarius-Mar, Sun and Mer, Pisces-Ven, Cancer-Jup., Libra-Moon), the moon is strong. But the Jupiter, the 4th lord indicating mother being retrograde is situated in cancer rasi. That is why the girl has to face the great sorrow of the death of her mother at the age of 4 years.           In Chart12 (03-02-1963, Rasi: Cancer-Asc. And Mars, Saggitarius-Mer and Ven, Capri-Sat. and Sun, Aquarius-Jup., Taurus-Moon) the moon is strong, but mars, the lord of 10th house, being, weak is in the ascendant in cancer rasi. Therefore he was to be deprived of his father, when he was 6 years old.           In the chart of those children, who have astrological indications for the absence of happiness from mother or father, the parents is lost during this period, but in case of the children, who have good astrological indications for their father and mother in the horoscope often undergo lack of cordiality concerning mother and father in this period because of weak moon. But they don’t suffer loss of parent. Instead the relationship acquires normalcy after 12th year.

Are You Born Within Feb. and Sept. 1984 ?

A special situation of the planet Mars  shall be created on 18 Sept. 2007  in correspondence with the Sun and Earth. According to GATYATMAK JYOTISH from that day till 15 Nov. 2007  there will be a constant increase in the static energy of Mars. This position of Mars will create a change in everybody’s life. In this week people shall be engaged in special works caused due to this special positioning of Mars. Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio and is situated in Gemini, therefore work related to these signs will be present. young people born under the following time period should take notice :

  • Those young people who were born on :

  1. From Jan. to Oct. 1972,

  2. From Jan. to Apr. 1973,

  3. From Mar. to Dec.1974,

  4. From Jan. to June  1975,

  5. From May to Dec. 1976,

  6. From June to Aug. 1977,

  7. From June to Oct. 1978,

  8. From Jan. to Sept. 1979,

  9. From July to Dec. 1980,

  10. From Jan. to Aug. 1981,

  11. From Sept. to Dec. 1982.

  •  Those who were born in the month of Jan.-Feb.  in any year.

  •  Those who were born in the month from Apr. to Oct in the years 1939 and 1986.

  •  Those who were born under the moon sign of Capricorn.

                   For those born under the above mentioned time period this preoccupancy because of the effect of Mars will bring a good result. They shall be excited about the work they will be involved in. After the passage of these three months, 15th Nov. onwards the work rate will be decreased due to some disturbances. Till 25th Dec. the work progress will be slow. From 31st Jan. 2008 onwards with the change in the speed of Mars obstructed work shall go ahead either in it’s original form or a changed form. Till 30 Mar. 2008 this work shall reach it’s conclusive stage. The conclusion taken due to Mars’s position shall be favorable for them.

Those born under the following time periods should also pay attention :

  1. Those young people who were born between 14th Oct. to 10th Nov.1973 , 20 Nov. 1975 to 5th Jan 1976 , 1st Jan to 17 Feb. 1978 , 1st Feb. to 24 Feb. 1980 , 9 Mar. to 14th May 1982.

  2. Those who were born between Feb to Aug. 1937 , Feb. to Apr. 1952 , June to Aug. 1969 , Feb. to Sept 1984 , Mar 1999 .

  3.  Those who were born in the month of Nov-Dec in any year.

  4.  Those who were born under the moon sign of Scorpio.

Those who were born in and around these time periods this special situation of the Mars planet will be destructive. They will be forced to work under unfavorable circumstances. Despite of three months of struggle after 15th Nov. 2007 they will feel more frustrated. From 31st. Jan. 2008 the native might see a silver lining but till 30th Mar. 2008 he will have to conclude his work in a failure.

                    If  Anyone is Born Within Feb. and Sept. 1984  , the above mentioned  period will effect him so much that his life-style would be changed for the coming 6 years.

This special situation of Mars will last from 18 Sept. 2007 to 30th Mar. 2008. Important dates during this period are : 18-19-29-30Sept.2007 , 02-03-04-Oct.2007 , 14-15-16-26-27-30-31 Oct2007 , 11-12-22-23-24-26-27-28 Nov.2007 ,08-09-10-20-21-24-25 Dec.2007,04-05-06-16-17-20-21-Jan 2008 , 01-02-12-13-14-17-18-28-29Feb. 2008 , 11-12-15-16-26-27-28-Mar.2008 .